Thursday, April 1, 2010

drawings on a sunny day / saulėtos dienos piešiniai

Today was an inspiring day. It was not important that the weather forecast for tomorrow doesn't promise anything nice, but today it was spring :) and it was more than enough for a good mood. I began painting a new scarf. Thanks for my friend Inga, who came to visit me and made some nice photos.

Šiandien buvo įkvepianti diena. Nesvarbu, kad orų prognozė jau rytojui nieko gero nežada, bet šiandien buvo tikrai pavasaris :) ir to užteko gerai nuotaikai. Pradėjau naują skarelę, dėkui Ingai, kad apsilankė ir nufotografavo paišaliojimus.


  1. ooooooo...this is lovely. Isn't silk just the most wonderful!?

  2. Thank you :) yes, silk is really one of most wonderful things
    I'm preparing to translate my blog to English, your comment reminded me, that maybe I need to hurry a bit more in this :)

  3. Horray for spring! The good weather will follow :) What fabulous designs you've made there!!

  4. Thank you! :) today I will put colors on this scarf, and I plan to finish it until tomorrow :)